Logging in for the first time

Accessing Jochi

Step 1: Accessing Jochi

Visit the Jochi login page and log in using your educational institution's credentials. Thanks to Jochi's integration with platforms like Canvas, you can use Single-Sign-On for quick access.

Step 2: Using Your School Account

Click on the Single-Sign-On option and enter your school email address (e.g., student@example.edu). Complete the authentication process to access Jochi.

Step 3: Navigating the Dashboard

Once logged in, you'll see the Jochi dashboard. This interface shows all your academic tools and resources. Explore the dashboard to find important features such as course materials and study aids.

Step 4: Customizing Your Profile

Personalization Options

In your profile settings, you can add a personal touch to your account. Change your profile picture, add a bio, and adjust other details to make your profile unique.

Choose a Theme

Logging in to Jochi is seamless, primarily because there is no account creation. Jochi connects to your school systems, so we are able to use your existing school email & password connected to your LMS/SIS (Canvas, Schoology, Blackbaud, Google, Moodle etc.) to log in.

Our interactive guide below shows you what this would look like to a school connected to Canvas, but regardless of the LMS you use, the flow is the same!

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