👩‍🏫Edlink Onboarding Walkthrough

Get started with Jochi: Your Step-by-Step Onboarding Guide. Seamlessly connect your school's system with Jochi for an enhanced educational experience

Welcome to the Edlink Onboarding Walkthrough! This guide will help you integrate Jochi smoothly with your school's systems, ensuring you have all the support you need to get started.

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Enter the name of your school/district to get started. This is how your school's name will appear on Jochi.

This name usually cannot be changed later

Jochi allows you to integrate with your existing LMS, SIS, or SSO for authentication

Jochi's software integrations make sure that no matter what software you may use, onboarding is simple and easy.

Canvas, Blackboard, and Schoology are just some of the LMSs Jochi natively works with
Jochi also seamlessly integrates with Blackbaud, Powerschool, and Aspen
We support the SSO that your school uses to maintain security

To ensure that Jochi complies with your local laws and regulations, select where your data is stored.

After selecting your authentication platform and data storage location, follow the next steps tailored to your system for a complete setup based on the system you decide to use, but will generally follow this outline:

  1. Enter Admin Details: Link Your Admin Account / Credentials to Jochi (this usually involves creating/using a developer key)

  2. Connect Your Account: In a few moments, a connection starts between your LMS/SIS and Jochi

  3. Validate Your Configuration: Use the LMS, SIS, or SSO to Authenticate and continue.

That's it! In a few easy steps, you've connected your school systems to Jochi securely.

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