🔏Data Privacy & Security

At Jochi, we take data privacy and security extremely seriously. We understand the concerns you and your school may have, and hope our resources here clear things out for you!

First, here are some basics about how Jochi deal with data:

  • Students & learning specialists access their Jochi accounts via Single-Sign On. There is no external account creation for Jochi, keeping all information flow limited.

  • Jochi is a cloud based platform. All information is password-protected and encrypted, and all US generated information is stored only in the US. Our cloud provider is AWS.

  • Jochi does not store, track, nor collect any user-information, except for those necessary for our usability.

  • Administrators have complete control over the data they share with us, and can update these sharing rules at any time.

  • We are FERPA, COPPA, SOPIPA, CCPA, and GDPR compliant.

If you are an administrator, click next to get a deeper dive into our policies and data practices.

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