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Where do I access Jochi?

Your school will need to be using Jochi in order to have access. Once your school has joined, you can access Jochi at www.jochi.live and sign in with your school account.

Can I access Jochi as a student even if my school doesn’t use it?

Sadly, you can not. We partner directly with your school so that we’re able to provide a great user experience (let you sign in with your school id, display your assignments from your teachers’ class pages, and ensure your data is handled securely)!

How does Jochi support Executive Functioning Development?

Our platform enables students to develop their interpersonal skills such as teamwork, proactivity, organization, collaboration, and other metacognitive skills. Following CASEL's SEL framework, we designed each feature targeting the four different components of student life.

Is Jochi a Learning Management System (LMS)?

Not quite. One of the things that makes Jochi so powerful is that we connect to existing LMS/SIS platforms that your school uses. Jochi treats this as an information source; allowing us to utilize it to provide specialists and students the tools needed to succeed. To learn more about our integrations, check out the Integrations page.

How does Jochi protect my privacy?

See Data Privacy & Security on this topic or email contact@jochi.info. We understand how important security and privacy is, and we are always willing to clear any doubts you may have.

Who is behind Jochi?

Jochi's journey first started at the University of Pennlsylvania through the support of Penn's Venture Lab. Our founding team consists of educators, engineers, and (what truly sets us apart) ex-high school students who've spent over two years understanding the pain points of our stakeholders. To learn more about what we're envisioning through our products, please visit this link.

Where can I report an issue?

See our Request a new feature page with any suggestions or issues. Thanks for the help!

Do you have any material I can share with my team or interested parties?

Of course! Our One Pager below is a great place to start, and our media kit is linked here. If you need something else, don't hesitate to reach out to, we'd love to share!

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